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If adding a deck to your home in the Sterling Heights are is on your summer agenda, you have come to the right place. Our years of experience and expert staff make Sterling Heights Deck Builder the perfect company to come in and take care of all your decking needs. We have the competence, customer service, and veteran team that are essential to making the process go as smoothly and stress free for you. Our mission is simply to provide the best quality decking services in the Sterling Heights area at a competitive price. From the very start of Sterling Heights Deck Builder, we have prided ourselves on the exceptional quality of our service and the great customer service that we provide. Sterling Heights Deck Builder is the deck building specialist you are looking for.

While adding a new customized deck to your home will increase the value of your home considerably, it will also make for the perfect entertainment and relaxation are you are looking for. Our experts can work with you to make sure your deck has the look and functionality that you are wanting, so it can fit into your life perfectly.

The addition of a deck is an investment worth making, creating a beautiful place to entertain for years. Sterling Heights Deck Builders decks become a place for friends and family to create memories at throughout the year and doubles as a great place for relaxing quiet time. Let Sterling Heights Deck Builder take care of the designing and building process for this important space that you will be adding to your home. Schedule an estimate to guarantee the best design for your new deck. Contact us today and schedule your free estimate without any obligation.

Premium Deck Building Services

Here at Sterling Heights Deck Builder, we love consistently providing the most trusted services in the Sterling Heights area. We provide the following services:

  • Arbors
  • Deck Coverings
  • Composite Decking
  • Custom Decking
  • Fence Installation
  • Fence Repair
  • Gazebos
  • Pergolas
  • Porch
  • Pool Decking
  • Wood Decking

Since we are members of the Sterling Heights community, we view providing great local service to friends and family of the community as our top priority. We work from beginning to end with our community in mind, bringing quality deck services to the Sterling Heights area.

While we do build the best decks around, this would not be possible if we did not use the most reliable products that can be found for deck installation. Using the best quality materials allows peace of mind knowing that your deck can last for years in Michigan’s unforgiving weather. There is an ongoing expectation for us to improve and grow our abilities so we can stay at the top of our game so we can meet the high standards set by our customers and internally. As the best deck builder in the Sterling Heights community, we are dedicated to each individual person and their custom needs.

We are enthusiastic to work in several areas around Sterling Heights. We offer our premium deck building services in the following communities:

  • Sterling Heights
  • Warren
  • Troy
  • Royal Oak
  • Detroit
  • Birmingham
  • Madison Heights

We come to you, to make certain that you receive the best deck possible for your home.

Superior Deck Building

At Sterling Heights Deck Builder, we have a commitment to consistently great and time sensitive work. We were founded upon and continue to build countless relationships in the community of Sterling Heights that are still intact because of how well we treat our clients. No matter the size of deck you are wanting, we will give you a free detailed quote that will allow you to know the cost, required time, and what it will look like. If your Sterling Heights home doesn’t have the look you are wanting, a deck from Sterling Heights Deck Builder can add an extra piece to improve your home.

When deciding what materials to use for your deck, it is good to remember that there are two main materials to choose from. The first material is composite decking, which has many benefits other than its slick and fashionable look. Low upkeep and maintenance are a considerable bonus that can make your life much easier. Simply washing off your deck just a few times a year can keep it looking great all year round. Another benefit to consider is that it is extremely durable. Many composite decks last almost 20 years, meaning that they can stay strong through 20 years of a place to entertain guests and a place to relax for yourself.

Treated wood is the second decking material option. Wood decking could be the right fit for your homes look and functionality need. One bonus is that it cost much less than the composite decking. A big thing about wood decking is that it adds a dark, natural color to your house. This can make bright colors pop out even more or it may even just go better with your current color scheme. There are several different colors of wood to choose from as well so it can fit exactly what you need. The wood decking is incredibly long lasting, making replacement and repair costs minimal. When a repair is needed however, it will be at a low cost.

No matter which material you are considering for your deck, our experts can help you make the right choice. After we do an inspection of your yard, financial plan, and desired look, we will inform you on which material we believe you should use. This consultation is free with the estimate, and is crucial to find what you are looking for with our proven team guiding you through the process to guarantee satisfaction.

After we do a consultation for you , we give you the design that matches your requirements. Once we have your approval, we start the process of building the deck of your dreams. After the deck is complete, your home will look better than ever. With your new deck being complete, the fun begins!

So, if adding a new deck, fence, or other outdoor structure to your home is on the agenda, contact us today to get your free estimate and consultation. Our expert deck builders will create your dream deck with accuracy and carefulness, exactly how you would want it done for your family. Your new deck will be the perfect place to have outdoor events such as parties, or even just a personal place to escape and relax. Our team is excited to make your dream a reality! Contact us today to get your project rolling in the right direction.

Deck Installation

At Sterling Heights Deck Builder, we do it all. All your outdoor installation needs can be taken care of with one call. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Deck building and construction
  • Deck maintenance
  • Deck repair
  • Fence installation
  • Fence maintenance
  • Fence Repair
  • Porch Installation
  • Porch Maintenance
  • Porch Repair

Decks are a fantastic addition to any property. It is like adding an extra room to your home, but you get to enjoy the outdoors and it is at a fraction of the price. It increases the value on your home. Adding a deck also brings a unique style to your home, one that you choose.

Fencing is an important thing to have around your property. It can keep unwanted animals like raccoons, rabbits, or unwanted neighbors out of your backyard, while keeping your children, dog, or other pets in. This can save a lot of hassle and worry by taking the threat of one of them escaping away. Adding a fence also gives your home a different look that you choose when you pick out the material and style.

Having a porch is a huge benefit to your home. The welcoming, warm feel it brings will make you feel great when you walk into your home. Guests will feel the same way, feeling more comfortable when approaching your home. A porch is also the perfect place to rest, giving you the chance to interact with the neighborhood or just people watch. It looks great, and adds value to your home.

Restoration and Repair

Sterling Heights Deck Builder will not only build you an incredible deck, they will also do full service maintenance on your deck. These professionally done services can really make a difference in the appearance of your deck and can even add on years to its usefulness. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Power washing
  • Pressure washing
  • Wood decking cleaning
  • Wood decking maintenance
  • Wood decking refinishing
  • Wood decking repair
  • Wood decking restoration
  • Wood decking sealing
  • Wood decking stripping
  • Wood decking staining

These services can protect you from the heavy cost of replacing your deck. The cruel winters and hot summer months of Michigan can be harmful to your decks structure and appearance, but taking steps to prevent damage can cancel out the negative effects that the weather has on it.

Sterling Heights Deck Builder has exactly what it takes to take your old deck and make it new again. Our team can take your old, struggling deck to a new level.

Our power or pressure washing service can clean the surface of your deck, making it look brand new. This works great for wood or composite decking.

A professionally applied stain is a part of regular maintenance for wood decks, protecting against stains, damage from the elements, and decay. Doing so once every 1-3 years can save the appearance and structure of your deck.

Deck Customizations

At Sterling Heights Deck Builder, our highly trained team builds a deck that perfectly fits your needs, providing you the opportunity to input certain desired features so it is perfect for you.

The first step of the process is to get an estimate, after which we will create a personalized design for your property. The design will incorporate any details you ask us to include, which would be structures, details, and layout.

This allows our team of experienced deck builders to come up with the best looking and functional deck that suites your life.

During the consultation, we give you an idea of what material would be best for you. The material that is suggested for you to use will be decided on due to a mixture of style, purpose, and budget.

There are several things you can add to your deck to make it more personalized and functional for you. These options include:

  • Arbors
  • Deck covers
  • Deck lighting
  • Gazebos
  • Outdoor lounge area
  • Pergolas

Each option adds a different characteristic and function. Arbors, pergolas, and other deck covering can serve as an area to find refuge from the hot sun. They usually are supported by posts that go beside pavement or other walkway, providing protection from the sun. The top can sometimes allow sunlight in so the sky is visible, but the sun is not directly beating down on the area.

It is very common for our customers to spend time on their decks after the sun goes down, when work is over and the time for you to enjoy some relaxation. Deck lighting is exactly what you will need so you can see your family, the book you have been waiting all day to read, or whatever activity you decide on. When the sun goes down and the lights come on, your deck will have a new feel to it. The feeling depends on which lighting you decide on so it is personalized to fit you wants and needs. This is just another great option to give your deck its own charm and style.


Question. Which type of decking has the least amount of maintenance?

Answer. There is no such thing as no maintenance for something exposed to the outdoors, but composite decking has less maintenance than wood. The wood decking has to be sealed every 2 years and cleaned, while the composite decking only has to be cleaned.


Question. How much cheaper is wood decking than composite?

Answer. Wood usually costs about half as much as composite. This is because composite decking is a low maintenance product. The cost of labor will only depend on how much labor your deck requires.


Question. What advantage does wood decking have over composite decking?

Answer. The initial cost of wood decking will be much lower than that of composite, but in a number of years the maintenance cost will force you to put in just as much money. The natural looking material does add character that the composite can’t.


Question. What is composite decking and why should I use it?

Answer. Composite decking is made from recycled wood and plastic. It is an easy way to go green without compromising effectiveness. There is a huge reduction in maintenance compared to wood decking. There is no need to paint, stain, or waterproof this style of decking. It does add cost to your initial cost, but pays off in the long run since it does not need nearly as much maintenance. Periodically washing your deck 2-3 times a year is all it requires.